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SmartDrive is an application that tracks the cost of yours vehicles.

  • Refuelling management
  • Management of maintenance , repair and consumables with storage of invoices
  • Statistics (Display of average consumption and cost per kilometer)

Current version :

Avalaible in : English, , french


About the project :

First this project is a need for self-training on the Xamarin framework.

My goal was to test the Xamarin framework with Visual Studio 2015 and to see the different architectures and their problems.

This allowed me to understand :

  • The development platform Android, IOS and Win10
  • The design pattern MVVM
  • PCL library
  • Xamarin Forms
  • The personalization per platform (Custom renderers)
  • Mobile browsing
  • SQLLite Databases
  • Settings management
  • internationalization
  • Consuming Web services (in order to offer products for sale via affiliate programs.)
  • The display according to the orientation

This first version is only available on Android as for IOS always need a Mac 🙁

Some technical :

Developed under Xamarin framework in Visual Studio 2015

Architecture : Portable Projet for Android, IOS and Windows 10, Xamarin Form.

95 % of the code live in a portable library ( pcl ) that can be reused in IOS and Windows projects

Graphical components are also degign into the PCL.

In summary

IDE : Visual Studio 2015 Framework : 4.5, Xamarin 4.1 Répartition des taches SmartDrive
Language : C# Architecture : Portable Class Libraries, Xamarin Forms, MVVM.
Project management : Visual Studio Team services (TFS online) Method : Scrum
iterations : 5*2 weeks Sources Management: Git
Evolution & queries

L’application va continuer d’évoluer suivant mes besoins et les retours qu’on me fait. Si vous avez un besoin, une requête, n’hésitez pas à me contacter soit en me laissant un commentaire ci-dessous ou soit via le formulaire de contact.

The app will continue to evolve according to my needs and the user feedback.. If you have needs, query, feel free to contact me either by leaving me a comment below or either via the contact form.

Planned features in next versions :

  • Management of insurance contracts
  • Alerts maintenance

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